• Filling Machines
  • 1. How long does it take for delivery to South Africa?

    We always allow 15 – 18 days for delivery. We have only once been outside this
    delivery estimate – caused by a customs error.

  • 2. How reliable are the machines?

    RoDis’s relationship with the principal company has been ongoing for 14 years. During that period, we have only once had to order a replacement part. The machines are robust, well manufactured, and receive the highest ratings on the internet.

  • 3. How does the payment work?

    RoDis requires a 70% deposit when ordering the machines, based on the price estimate when placing the order. A final invoice is presented as soon as the exchange rate has been established. The full payment is due when the machine arrives at the RoDis office before final shipment to you.

  • 4. What other costs are involved?

    None. The price includes VAT and all international and local transport or postage costs.

  • 5. Do you keep local stock of the machines?

    As there are too many variables of these machines available, it does not warrant keeping local stock. We order according to your requirements.

  • 6. How many capsules can be filled per hour?

    The speed of filling capsules is not determined by the machine, but rather by the flow properties of the powder. The ProFill 100 should yield 1 000 – 20 00 capsules per hour and the ProFiller 3600 between 4 500 and 6 900 capsules per hour.