Dietary Guidelines for Gout

Indulgence in rich food and plenty of alcohol can leave many people with painful joints – commonly called gout.

Gout is a type of arthritis which usually affects only one or two joints in the body. The most characteristic joint in which gout develops is the big toe. Usually gouty inflammation of the joints only last for a few days, but it can be so excruciatingly painful that sufferers never forget an episode. Unfortunately gout attacks have a habit of recurring.


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Leonie of Knysna

Recently various ‘things’ just seem to be getting to me, nothing that I can really pin point, but I know that I am just all churned up.  A friend suggested that I try some Stress Aid. 

Wow, what a difference.  Since I started taking Stress Aid I am now aware that I don’t have those down days and am able to take on my daily routine with much more enthusiasm. 

Great stuff Stress Aid.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Shane of Rheenendal

Sleep and me just don’t seem to be friendly.  I go through many nights where I just lie awake unable to get the rest I need.  My wife heard about Sleep Aid and I decided to try it. 

Within a night or two, I was at last free of looking into darkness from my bed.  If I did awake during the night, I would soon revert to sleeping again. 

Thank you Sleep Aid for helping me to once again get a good nights rest.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Mnr. Koos Steyn van Knysna

Na jare se pyn a.g.v. rugby beserings en verkalking van gewrigte so erg dat ek nie eers ‘n boek se bladsye kon omblaai nie, het ek begin om Renuflex Msm te gebruik, op aanbeveling van ‘n vriend.

Aanvanklik het die pyn vererger maar na net twee weke se gereëlde gebruik van Renuflex Msm het ek minder pyn ondervind.  Ek kon weer begin hengel en het ook weer rolbal begin speel.
Ek kan nou stap sonder om seer te kry en kan ook weer gemaklik lees, binnekort speel ek kitaar!

Renuflex Msm het definitief my lewe verander! Ek het ‘n tweede kans gekry om my stokperdjies te beoefen en kan nou weer my naweke beplan sonder die vrees dat ek weer in pyn sal wees.

Dankie Renuflex Msm, die produk wat jou ‘n huppel in jou stap gee.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Mrs Margaret Venables of Benoni

I had a big fall on slippery tiles at my front door.  So severe was the fall that it took several minutes before I could get up as there was no one to assist me.  Fortunately I had a jar of MSM Rub in my medicine cupboard.  Following a hot bath, I rubbed the MSM Rub generously on all the areas of my body where I ached.

This helped the pain subside very rapidly and brought on great relief.  What amazed me the following morning was the difference in the bruising where I had managed to apply the MSM Rub.

The areas that I could not reach displayed far more evidence of bruising than where I had applied the MSM Rub.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Barbara of Western Extension

I have worked in a pharmacy most of my adult life.  I learned, over the years, that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was not ideal for me and that I would rather use a natural supplement during menopause.  Thank you, thank you, Meno Aid!

I felt for years that there was a geyser running on “hot” inside my body.  Now, after adding Meno Aid to my daily diet I can say that my internal geyser no longer bothers to me.

Meno Aid has really cooled me down.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Ernest of Farrarmere

Man oh man, Gout is painful, I have suffered many attacks over many years.  Since starting to take Gout Eeze capsules I can say that my attacks are less frequent and not as bad as they were in the past.

Thank you Gout Eeze for making a difference to my life

Friday, 16 December 2011


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    Everyday hassles, frustrations, emotional demands and psychological tension contribute to the build-up of stress. It’s almost impossible to avoid, but stress overload is very harmful over the long run.

    Arthritis is not a modern ailment – evidence of the disorder is noted in pre-historic mammals and dinosaurs. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain and even immobility.

    Arthritis is not a modern ailment – evidence of the disorder is noted in pre-historic mammals and dinosaurs. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain and even immobility.

    We all suffer from general aches and pains from time to time – especially when we're a bit older. A fall, bump or even light bruises can cause major discomfort, although they might not justify medical attention.

    All females will experience menopause – some sooner than others. This not only causes discomfort and even embarrassment, but some don’t even realise that there is a natural way to avoid all of these.

    We all try to avoid insomnia. Whether you find it difficult to fall sleep, suffer from interrupted sleep, or lay awake for hours,the result of lack of sleep remains the same – causing frustration and irritability.

    Gout is an arthritis that occurs when uric acid builds up in blood, causing joint inflammation. Acute gout is a painful condition that typically affects one joint. Chronic gout is repeated episodes of inflammation.